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Our Facility

Established in 1996, Ford Veterinary Surgery Center has provided the Central Valley of California a service for the large animal patient.  Our facilities are fully equipped to handle most cases.  Our services provide 24/7 emergency care, day and night,  including hospitalization with 24 hour staff monitoring, in house laboratory equipment for immediate diagnostics, local ambulatory service and a referral center for surrounding veterinarians.

Our facilities are fully equipped to handle most cases.  In our hospital we provide digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, and a fully equipped pharmacy to provide the medications needed for immediate treatment and a state of the art surgical suite.

ford signWe provide surgical procedures ranging from colic surgeries, orthopedic and arthroscopic procedures and upper airway surgeries.  However we perform all aspects of surgery.  We also provide access to experts in certain specialized areas of surgery that complement our surgical services.  Our clinic also specializes in lameness examinations utilizing the Lameness Locator from Equinosis for difficult lameness providing an objective evaluation of the patient, capable of identifying single or multi-limb lameness.  We also utilize regenerative cell therapy including PRP, ACP, IRAP and stem cell therapy.  We have a reproductive service capable of breeding your mares and collecting your stallions and also have the capability with collaboration with experts of performing embryo transfer, semen collection and receiving, and freezing semen and storage. 

barn stallsWe realize that economics play an important role for the client in the treatment of their patient.  As a result, we work with our clients to provide the most economical and compassionate treatment plan that can be afforded by the client without jeopardizing the health of the animal. 

Our staff understands that unexpected emergencies and illnesses can have a profound economic and emotional effect for the owner and at our clinic we strive to provide a compassionate approach to each patient tailored to each owner’s situation.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or inquires into our clinic.

Take A Tour of Our Facility

We gladly give individual or group tours of our clinic.  If you call and schedule an appointment we can try and schedule it when Dr. Ford, our Board Certified Surgeon, is doing surgery.

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